• More 4-Axis Milling

    Another round with the Roland 4-axis mill, this time with a more complex, more original model. Unlike my first attempts, which were just excuses to get machining as soon as possible, the goal this time was to produce something resembling a finished piece. I didn’t really have a specific part in mind, so this model is a result of just experimenting with unfamiliar CAD functions, although it is very loosely based on the heatsink of an LED lightbulb. »

  • Star Gazr

    Gazr is an augmented reality telescope. It has two eyepieces: a regular eyepiece and a virtual one. Looking through the virtual eyepiece, the user is able to extend their gaze 46.6 billion light years away to the edge of the observal universe. »

  • The Topography of Stephen Curry

    Data collection and data analysis are both enormous parts of the modern professional sports industry. During every NBA basketball game, for example, cameras track and record the exact position of every player, plus the ball, 25 times per second. The result is several terabytes worth of X, Y, Z coordinates and an unprecedented level of insight into the nuances of professional basketball. The NBA, in partnership with STATS LLC., calls the system SportVU, and even after two full seasons of league-wide use it remains an absolutely staggering tool. This project is an attempt to visualize a tiny fraction of that data. »

  • Adventures in the 4th Dimension/Axis

    I finally got my hands on a 4-axis mill. Chaos ensued, as was prophesied. »

  • CNC Dowel Joinery 101

    Making a box using dowel joinery on a CNC router. »

  • Clean Them Tools Fast

    My first time using the CNC router! In tribute to Run the Jewels. »

  • Remixing the Toaster

    “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” – Carl Sagan

  • Defining Physical Interaction

    Interactivity, at its core, whether in a device, program, gadget, tool, or anything else, is the capacity to accept an input and convert it to some variety of output. There is an inherent, reciprocal relationship between the impetus and the result, although not necessarily a distinct logic. “Well-designed” interaction typically observes some logical paradigm or metaphor, something that associates an end result with a corresponding input, but any scenario that asks for A and produces B is fundamentally interactive. »