• The Machines Are Coming

    Some ghostwriting I did for McMurry/TMG about the future of wearable technology and its implications for content marketers. McMurry/TMG: The Future of Wearable Technology and Content Update: McMurry/TMG has since become Manifest and my original link is no bueno. Try the Wayback Machine in order read my work. »

  • Designing Better Basketball

    I love basketball. Played at its highest level, basketball produces some of the most astonishing displays of freakish athleticism achievable by human beings. The game has drama and tension, larger-than-life stars and villainous personalities. It’s a wonderful sport. Unfortunately, at times at least, watching basketball can be tremendously boring and tedious. No disrespect to Dr. James Naismith, but the game he created is organizationally flawed and generally an example of bad design thinking. »

  • Scenic Artistry

    Assorted images from my time working in theater scene shops. Most samples are from my work as master carpenter at Skidmore College, as well as time spent as a carpenter at the Opera Saratoga Festival. »