Star Gazr

Star Gazr

Gazr is an augmented reality telescope. It has two eyepieces: a regular eyepiece and a virtual one. Looking through the virtual eyepiece, the user is able to extend their gaze 46.6 billion light years away to the edge of the observal universe.

The Cosmic Microwave Background is radiation left over from the very earliest moments of the universe, an echo of the Big Bang. It shows the tiny variations in density correspond with the births of every structure across the cosmos. The radiation has been mapped and visualized in a color spectrum by the European Space Agency’s Planck Mission and the data is publicly available.

Gazr reads the telescope’s look angle and derives the part of deep space that would be visible in ideal conditions with a very powerful telescope. It then uses that to reference the data that the ESA collected and visualized in color.

Made in collaboration with Will Field

Cosmic Microwave Background Telescope from Will Field on Vimeo.