CNC Dowel Joinery 101

CNC Dowel Joinery 101

Making a box using dowel joinery on a CNC router.

Starting by cutting the faces. This is the wide end. Note pockets on each side for a lap joint, and a rabbet joint for the bottom of the box. Wide End

Narrow end. Matching rabbet, and a handle cut out. Will fillet the edge of handles with hand router. Narrow End

Found a former knot mid cut. Tiny loss of material. Will be visible in the seam, but it adds character. Knotty

Checking for fit. Looks good! Check for fit

Test dowel joint. It fits! Dowel check

Trying to hammer in the base of the box. Very tight fit. Trying to insert the base, first attempt

Too tight! Too tight!

Recut, with a better fit. Better fit!

Dowels in! Dowels in

El fin. No glue used – all friction fits! El fin